Payments Rails Engineer (Software Focus)

Job Summary

Online card payment fraud will top US$10bil in 2024, exploding with the growth of eCommerce during the pandemic, and remains the #1 most-worried crime in the US. We are looking for an experienced Payments Rails Engineer with broad hands-on experience in working with major banks, networks and rails; as well as upcoming technologies, such as FedNow and CBDC.

The ideal candidates will have a strong software background, coupled with expert knowledge in payment transaction management and data security principles.

This role requires a deep understanding of API’s at various Payments Service Providers, a passion for data security, and the ability to create robust, scalable, and secure payments applications. And navigate the product and deliverables through security & privacy compliance processes.

CardWare has invested over a decade of experience and technology into solving valuable problems, and we’re scaling rapidly. Join us in delivering a better experience, and delighting customers “everywhere they want to be”.

Key Responsibilities

  • Integrate payment/processing options into our Card+ products, including KYC onboarding new issuer payment / cards, account information, bank-to-bank, account-to-account systems.
  • Develop secure backend systems to support payments functionality and future growth.
  • Ensure data security of user’s private info, financial institutions, and transactional traffic, through best practices in data security, penetration analysis and infrastructure management.
  • Write comprehensive tests for infrastructure and APIs to maintain high-quality code and secure environments.
  • Create, document and manage an SDK, of private and public APIs, for internal and external customer use.
  • Collaborate with front-end developers to integrate user-facing elements with account and transaction side server logic.
  • Proactively identify immediate and potential issues, work with the team to prioritize and resolve. Provide technical analysis, streamlined and simplified proposals as needed.

Required Technical Skills

  • Working fluency in common programming languages such as C/C++, Java, TypeScript. As well as experience with frameworks such as React, Node,js, Spring Boot.
  • Deep understanding of data security principles, cryptographic processes, and practices.
  • Advanced knowledge of the US Credit/Debit payment rails, and the API’s of Payment Gateways
  • Experience with basic EMV payment protocols, and standards including EMV, ISO7816 and ISO14443
  • Experience in security layers & standards : JSON, X.509, SHA-3, FIPS … etc
  • Experience with Tokenization API’s for example from Chase, FIS, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex … etc
  • Experience in common payment security, privacy and compliance processes (such as KYC, CPOC, PCI DSS, FIDO)
  • Working knowledge of Issuance API’s for example from Bancorp, GreenDot, CPI … etc
  • Ability to write tests for infrastructure, from application to APIs to payment rails
  • Working knowledge of on-prem and cloud servers, including containerization and deploying, on cloud service providers
  • Experience with ledger technologies


  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to work independently or as part of a team.
  • At least 5 years of software engineering experience.
  • Proven track record of developing secure, scalable, and efficient server/web applications.
  • Experience in payment systems integration, for example with Stripe, PayPal, Square, is a positive
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in Computer Science, Information Technology, Data Security, or a related field is preferred.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Competitive compensation, and benefits package
  • Corporate 401K plan, including contribution matching
  • Full Medical, Dental, and Optical insurance coverage
  • Relocation package may be offered to those exceptional candidates excited to discover why Austin is one of the best and most affordable US High-Tech cities, to live and work, and became the hub of Silicon Hills